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    shannon Guest

    Cleaning your retainer

    I was wondering how some of you clean your retainers? I usually soak mine in mouthwash. I am just concerned about making sure I am cleaning my retainer properly.

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    shiny Guest
    Try using a fluoride mouthwash with antiseptic ingredients, as they kill bacteria if any left on your retainers. Donít reuse mouth wash in which you sock your retainers.

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    chompz Guest
    I'm thinking you could use polident, like they use for false teeth. My son used polident for his retainer in order to keep it clean enough. The fizzing action really gets into those crevices!

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    smile4me Guest
    Hey, now that's something I never thought of! Polident! Who would've thought about that. I guess it makes sense though, seeing as how they are supposed to be used for false teeth.

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    Kerri985 Guest
    Don't use the denture cleaners to soak your retainer! My orthodontist told me that it is too strong and will yellow the plastic!

    He recommended Retainer Brite or Sonic Brite cleaners.

    I found both of them on the internet. I decided to give them both a try, and I like them both for different reasons. I use the Sonic Brite to keep the white stuff off of them because I think it cleans deeper. I use the Retainer Brite when I travel on business because the tablets are really convenient to take with me.

    You pay a lot of money to buy a new set of retainers, so don't mess up the ones you have with the wrong cleaners! That's my 2cents on the subject.

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    i'll be getting my braces off pretty soon , i hope the retainer brite an sonic cleaner works well , as i've bought a year of the stuff:D

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    RedLipstick Guest
    My orthodontist always says the best way to clean a retainer is to soak it in vinegar.



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