My name is Lauren, and I'm new to orthodontics. I'm currently a 20 year old who works full-time during the day and takes classes online in the evening. I currently live in the great city of Austin, Texas!

I've wanted braces since I was 12. I have some pretty severe crowding (VERY prominent canines), with a crossbite. My ortho has ordered an Invisalign combo treatment (invisalign for 16 months, then transfer to metal braces for 3 months), followed by double jaw surgery to correct a severe underbite. Lots of stuff going on in there.

I'm definitely looking forward to the community aspect! I have often felt pretty alone in my smile struggle, as most people I know got braces when they were very young and now have Hollywood smiles. I'll admit I've taught myself to talk without my teeth as much as possible and there isn't a single picture in existence with my teeth showing. I'm much happier than I look in pictures, I promise!