So here's some background. I'm currently 19 years old, and I had braces 3 or so years ago for 2 years. They straightened my teeth for the most part, but I still had some bite problems such as an underbite and a misaligned jaw. I was also a bit careless when I had them, and didn't wear the elastics they gave or take good care of them. Soon after getting them I had an issue with the retainer and couldn't get another one and as a result most of the straightening has disappeared, especially on 2 of my teeth on my upper jaw. When I fully open my mouth I hear the jaw clicking.

At the moment, I'm currently considering getting braces again and wearing my retainers afterwords. I have a few questions though.

1. Will insurance cover some of the price even though I already had braces once?

2. How long will I have to wear them again?

3. If I properly take care of them, will they help limit my underbite and misaligned jaw? I believe my upper jaw is underdeveloped, since my chin doesn't stick out like people with overdeveloped lower jaws have. Can braces help push the upper jaw out?

4. Will braces change my facial structure at all? I've heard people claiming they've noticed changes in their jawline and their cheekbones, some for the good some for the bad.

I realize some of these questions can't be properly answered unless I were to go in and actually get an orthodontist's opinion, but any advice will help.

If I missed anything please let me know, thanks in advance.