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    They're coming off!

    July 15th.. my braces have their eviction notice! Woot woot!

    So can anyone tell me what this is like to get them off? All I know is they use a bracket thingy to pop them off.. Which I'm kinda worried about since it's going to seem like they are busting my tooth and my fronts are still a tad bit sensitive.


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    Congratulations!! I have about 6-7 months more (hopefully... that's my expected date assuming I am satisfied with results!)

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    Well, they came off today. Doesn't feel much different. The retainer gives me a lisp but I'll get over that. I really didn't care for the whole removal process, but it wasn't was bad as I was expecting.


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    What kind of retainer did you get? Congrats on the eviction.

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