I'm 18 now and I've had my braces off for about 3 years now. Back 6 years ago one of the options to correct my bite was to have a jaw surgery. At the time I was extremely against a surgery because I didn't see a need for it. As a result of not having the jaw surgery I have a weak chin and jawline. Is it possible for me to still have jaw surgery even after braces? I've been looking around on the web and apparently my orthodontist didn't fix the major problem: my jaw. He pulled 2 teeth from the top of my mouth and then used rubber bands to bring them closer and now I still have an overbite slightly. What brought this to my attention is the fact that when I bring my lower jaw forward I see to have a normal jawline and a normal chin(as apposed to my normal where I see to have a very weak jawline and chin. I was looking at using plastic surgery implants for the past month in order to strengthen my jawline and chin, but I figured that these would just camouflage the actual problem. I wouldn't mind getting braces on again. in order to bring my teeth into correct malocclusion after the surgery.

<----Currently biting down normal

<----Currently biting down with lower jaw moved forward(i know my lower lip is sticking out because my teeth are there)